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HTML Tutorials
By Jeffrey J. Walters

Getting Started:

       So you want your own Web Page? You probably think it will take weeks or even month to create a web page; maybe so. Why not just use this simple one I have created, it will only take a couple of minutes to copy? To view the web page click on the link below, and then hit your "Back" button to get back to this page.

Beginning Web Page

Copying the Web Page:

      Now that you've seen the Web Page, we need to copy it from this web site onto your home computer. It's really easier than it sounds. Here's how to do it.

  1. Click on the "Beginning Web Page" link above.
  2. Wait for Web Page to load.
  3. Left mouse click on "File" on your web browser (upper left corner).
  4. Go down to "Save Page As..." and left mouse click.
  5. A saving window will come up. Save the file as "index.html" in one of your personal directories.

      Don't forget where you put it! I would recommend making a "C:\Homepage" directory where all of your homepage files can be stored. Why index.html, you ask? It is important to name your main web page index.html as this is the most commonly used default on most web servers.

      Now that you have copied the web page, did you know that you can copy ANY Web Page off the Internet in the same way? You can also copy pictures, images and graphics (GIF, JPEP, etc.) in a similar manner. Feel free to copy any of the HTML Tutorials for the Complete Idiot or any of the graphics that you see on this web site.

Modifying the Web Page:

      Now comes the fun part, modifying YOUR web page. To modify the your web page I would suggest using any simple text editor program (Notepad, MS Word, etc.). See the Design Tools Tutorial for more information.

      Once you load the web page into a text editor you will notice a whole lot of strange looking statements or tags. Anything which is contained within a < (less than symbol) and a > (greater than symbol) is part of an HTML tag. Just leave these statements alone until you understand what they do. There are several sections of text that are not contained within the < and a > symbols. Here is a short list of things to change:

  1. The Title of Your Web Page
  2. The Title of Your Web Page (#2)
  3. The Sub-Title of Your Web Page
  4. About Me:
  5. (The body section of "About me")
  6. My Favorite Links:

       Notice that there are comment tags, <!-- and -->, throughout the web page which try to help explain the different sections and what they do. Feel free to experiment with adding text to different sections. Just make a "Backup" file first!

       The second to last part of the web page is the "My Favorite Links" section. I have created two links, one to HTML Tutorials for the Complete Idiot and another to Yahoo. The third and forth links need to be created by YOU. For more on creating links, jump to the Making Links tutorial.

       The last part of the web page is an E-mail link. To change this first find This is a fake E-mail address I made up. Change this to your real E-mail address. If your not sure what your E-mail address is, ask your Internet Service Provider. This E-mail link will work with most Web browsers.

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